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Bovogen Biologicals' supplies bulk, spray dried Adult Bovine Plasma and Adult Bovine Haemoglobin collected  from healthy Australian cattle that have passed both ante- and post-mortem inspection at export abattoirs or USDA/EU approved establishments.

Blood collection is achieved using Swedish 'hollow knife' technology in a closed system to ensure the strictest level of hygiene is observed. The product is stored in stainless steel tanks at approximately 4°C until ante-mortem inspection clears the material for further processing.

The blood from a given storage tank is directed to a centrifuge for the separation of plasma from red blood cells.

The centrifuge fractionates the plasma and directs this stream to a stainless steel storage tank where it is held at approximately 4°C whilst the red blood cell concentrate is transferred to a separate stainless steel tank and stored at the same temperature.

The separate process streams are then directed to separate large scale spray drying units on-site which convert the solutions to a powdered form. Dried product is then packed in 500 – 1000kg bulk bags.

Bovogen Biologicals’ spray dried Adult Bovine Plasma and Adult Bovine Haemoglobin are used in a variety of applications within the veterinary, biological, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

 Catalogue No.
Bovine Plasma Powder  SBPD
Bovine Haemoglobin Powder  SDBH